Forgotten History, Ancient Secrets

Not a normal day in Dewsley...

The adventure begins!

The day began uneventfully for the quaint little town of Dewsley outside the capital of Ebigul. About mid-day, Kaldeo noticed a pair of men dragging themselves into the village. One of the men was injured fairly bad, being helped along by the other weary man. Kaldeo sneaked up to them and surprised them, but helped them to the doctor in the village. Not much was known about the injured man, as he was unable to speak due to injuries. The other man, who called himself Joa, revealed that he knew the man to be a guard in a neighboring village.

Kaldeo left the two men in the doctor’s house, and climbed upon it. From his vantage point he noticed a figure on he outskirts of town trying to sneak away from the village. He made his way stealthily to the edge of town where the figure was and only found some tracks. He eventually found where they led, into the field of tall grass along the main path into the village.

Carefully making his way through the grass, he found a suspicious young boy and came up behind him. This boy carried a dagger along with his few belongings, raising suspicion above its current height. Kaldeo questioned the boy, who was quick to reveal what he was doing at the village at the mentioning of consequences for not speaking. He was clearly homeless, and was paid by a man from the city to find out what happened with the injured man.

Who was this man, and why did he want such information?


Knudz Knudz

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