Forgotten History, Ancient Secrets

Black Soot...
A trail of soot leaves many marks.

After the events in Dewsley, Kaldeo made his way to the capital city of Ebigul. The city itself is fairly quiet as cities go, but something was slightly amiss this day. As he entered, the guards stopped him and seemed to be slightly on edge. Kaldeo brought up the situation with the boy earlier in the day, but the guards had no information about it.

Kaldeo first made his way into the trade district of the city, as that’s where the majority of everything happens in Ebigul. Along the way, he asked a few people about the boy but nobody seemed to know much other than he was from the city. While he was in the trade district, he noticed an alleyway that had a strange black sooty substance covering a small area. It appeared to be from some sort of small explosion, yet none of the wooden structures on either side were damaged. Curious.

After asking around a bit more, he found an street vendor selling apples who was finally able to provide some useful information: he had seen the boy talking with someone who appeared to be a noble. On top of that, they were seen talking in the alley that had the strange soot. This was no coincidence.

Taking this information, Kaldeo went to the Noble’s district looking for more clues. He came upon one particular house and noticed a small smudge of that same soot from earlier on the front door. Going around the side where no passer-byes could see, he was able to sneak inside the house through a window. The window itself was surprisingly open and unlocked, uncharacteristic for a noble’s house. In fact, the whole house was accessible to him, including the upstairs and the cellar. In the upstairs bedroom, he found a small, mysterious bust statue. The statue’s model was humanoid, but nothing recognizable, so he took the statue with him to find out later. In the cellar, he found something even more interesting: a trap door.

This trap door led to the sewers. Kaldeo made his way uneventfully through the sewers to a point where he found a ladder leading up into some sort of structure. He slowly made his way up and ended up in a room filled with storage crates. As he poked his head out of the hole, he heard something fall to the floor. Seeing nobody immediately from his vantage point, he climbed the rest of the way up and stayed hidden behind the crates. Now seeing that nobody was in the room with him, he was able to look around better. He immediately saw a table with some candles and a lantern on it, and next to it on the floor was a book laying open and face down which he figured was what fell. Picking the book up, he noticed the book had no title and all of the pages were seemingly blank. The only significant detail, besides being completely plain, was a magic rune on the cover. Kaldeo pocketed the book to save for later investigation.

Seeing a door partially open on the far wall, he carefully made his way up to it. Peering through the crack, he noticed two men moving hurriedly around the room. These two men were wearing unusually simple clothing under their cloaks, all they really wore were some burlap pants with no shirt. There were storage crates in this room as well, and the two men appeared to be searching for something inside them and then meeting in the middle of the room to exchange words. After a few minutes, a third man came into the second room from a different door. This man was cloaked as well, but he appeared to have very elaborate clothing underneath and very expensive shoes. Kaldeo could also tell the man was older, as there was white hair sticking out from the hood.
The old man stood before the other two men and they seemed to freeze at attention. They stood there silently for what seemed like a long time, and then the old man left without saying a word. The men continue standing there at attention oddly enough.

After about 15 minutes passed with the men standing still, Kaldeo made his way into their room. He slowly crept around the room making sure not to disturb the men. Once he got around in front of them, he noticed their eyes were closed and appeared to be asleep or in a trance. Thinking nothing else of them now, he started looking around the room at the storage crates. Going through a few, he realized they were all full with bones. Human bones. And in the bottom of each crate, he also found that same black soot that he had led him to this point.

Being somewhat more cautious now, he figured there wasn’t too much else to see at this point, but still made his way to the door where the old man had walked through. Still wary of the men standing in the room, he slowly started opening the door. Just after he had the door cracked a small way, he could sense movement from behind. He looked back and saw the two men, but now their eyes were wide open. Also, he noted they had completely black eyes with no whites. Obviously the men were under some sort of spell, most likely from the old man that came earlier. Kaldeo carefully opened the door slightly wider while watching the men, and as he suspected they seemed to get more tense as though getting ready to attack. Not wanting to be caught in a fight in this place, he slowly closed the door. Although the men slowly went back into their trance when closing the door, as soon as the door clicked shut, one of the men was suddenly enraged and began to attack.

Kaldeo tried the door again now that it was already too late to disturb the men, but unfortunately it wouldn’t open even though it was seemingly unlocked. The first man got up to him just then, and threw a punch that went wide. Kaldeo retaliated and gave the man a good slash, but it didn’t seem to phase him. Just as the first man came out of his trance initially, now he fell right back into it and the second man attacked now. Realizing their enchantment was only strong enough for one of them to attack him at a time, Kaldeo had the odds in his favor. Fighting his way back to the door he came from, he eventually made a fatal slash. The first man, taking the hit, immediately exploded into a small cloud of black soot and only his bones remained to fall on the floor. Shortly after, Kaldeo was able to fell the second man who also exploded into soot and bones.

Having no fear now that the men were gone, he went back to the far door to see if he could get through. Luckily it was open this time, and he was able to open it. Cautiously, he peered through and noticed the room was empty except for two things: a staircase leading up to a door barricaded from this side, and a man in a chair slumped over and snoring. He made his way in slowly, but the man inside was obviously just asleep and not in a trance. Going around behind the man in the chair, he brought up his sword and tapped the man to wake him up. After the second tap, the man stirred from his sleep and mumbled, asking someone named Crispin what he wants. Shortly the man noticed his mistake and froze in his chair realizing a sword was pointed to his neck. Without having the even threaten the man, he divulged what little information he had. He was forced to sit there as a guard over the two men in the other room by a man named Crispin Hammerfell. He had no idea what was happening in the other two rooms or why. His only task was to sit there and watch. All his food just appeared in front of him when he woke up from sleep, and even the man Crispin just appeared in the room despite the door being blockaded.

Taking this information, Kaldeo left the man in the chair alone and told him only to not tell anyone he was there, which the man was eager to agree so as to avoid any unpleasant consequences. Kaldeo

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Not a normal day in Dewsley...
The adventure begins!

The day began uneventfully for the quaint little town of Dewsley outside the capital of Ebigul. About mid-day, Kaldeo noticed a pair of men dragging themselves into the village. One of the men was injured fairly bad, being helped along by the other weary man. Kaldeo sneaked up to them and surprised them, but helped them to the doctor in the village. Not much was known about the injured man, as he was unable to speak due to injuries. The other man, who called himself Joa, revealed that he knew the man to be a guard in a neighboring village.

Kaldeo left the two men in the doctor’s house, and climbed upon it. From his vantage point he noticed a figure on he outskirts of town trying to sneak away from the village. He made his way stealthily to the edge of town where the figure was and only found some tracks. He eventually found where they led, into the field of tall grass along the main path into the village.

Carefully making his way through the grass, he found a suspicious young boy and came up behind him. This boy carried a dagger along with his few belongings, raising suspicion above its current height. Kaldeo questioned the boy, who was quick to reveal what he was doing at the village at the mentioning of consequences for not speaking. He was clearly homeless, and was paid by a man from the city to find out what happened with the injured man.

Who was this man, and why did he want such information?

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